Food Establishment Permit

License Requirements and Application

Permit applications are accepted Monday, Wednesday-Friday from 8 AM-4 PM and Tuesday’s 8 AM-2 PM. Emailed applications are preferred. Applications may be emailed to Establishments are required to register with the city annually. Fees must be paid in-person at Windcrest City Hall, or by check in the mail. We are unable to process payments online at this time.

Health and safety inspections will be performed semiannually by the City Health Inspector and Fire Marshal respectively. If you would like to report a food establishment for possible violations, please email with your name and contact information, and a full description of the violation. 

New businesses are required to complete the New Business Packet, a health inspection will be performed with the Certificate of Occupancy inspection.

Food Permits

Food Establishments, bars, and any other business that serves food to the public must obtain a food permit. Fees are determined by the number of employees and the type of foods/beverages to be sold at the establishment. Those seeking a temporary food permit will complete the form below and select the fee for temporary food permits only. 

Liquor Permits

Each food establishment that sells and/or serves alcoholic beverages must obtain a liquor permit through the City of Windcrest. Fees are determined by the type of alcohol to be sold at the establishment.

Mobile Vendors

Mobile vendors, or food trucks, are required to complete the Food & Liquor License Application and the Business Registration Application. Mobile vendors will select the $150.00 fee only on the application below.